Drumnmike podcast # 1 (1-10)

Drumnmike Podcast #1

Listen here

This will be a continuously updated list, starting today with 10 songs every time I post. Ideally I’d like it to start a discussion on what music people like our don’t like, & any similar suggestions.

Sometimes the list will have a coherence but mostly they were songs that came up on my shuffle list of bands I once heard about. Let me know what you think.

This week is spacey & heavy, starting with pink Floyd & winding through softer spaced out material from typically heavier bands.

Track listing
Pink Floyd – any color you like (live)
In Flames (black & white)
Fugazi – recap modotti
Dysrhythmia – let you fall
The Drums – money
Kylesa – between the silence & sound II
Goblin – fortuna
Truckfighters – gargarismo
Kvelertek – offernatt
Lazer/wolf – sacralicious

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