Made this for og Virgil & all his help as production assistant & photographer on the unity temple project. He took some absolutely beautiful photos & I’m eternally grateful for his help & support on that insanely emotionally draining day. Plus he hooked it up with literally the coolest promo photos anyone could ask for. ❤💙

A portrait of my cousin Virgil Van Bueren
A portrait of my cousin Virgil Van Bueren


I scanned this guy. This is a portrait I illustrated for my cousin Guy, drawn with basically his name Guy for everything.  He’s a Chicago Cubs fan so I wanted to give him a similar style jersey with a similar style logo from them. #illustration #drawing #guy02200903.JPG

Hello World.

IMG_7649what up?

It’s been a some time, i’m terribly sorry that I’ve been away.

Although I’ve been away from here, I haven’t been away from drumming.

I moved over to instagram @drumnmike to post daily drum videos starting in July of 2016.  They’ve been educational, some silly, and the Unity Temple stuff is insanely serious (kinda).

I’m hoping to make my way back over here to start doing some catalogs of the drum videos and the drawings that I’ve been doing.  If you’re interested in drum projects or illustration commissions hit me up and we’ll get something going.  If not, buy something from me!  🙂