Drumnmike: photo by Bambi Guthrie
Drumnmike in action: photo by Bambi Guthrie

Mike is a Chicago based drummer of mostly rock, punk and metal persuasion, but he loves a good swing.  He’s been playing drums for 20 years.  He’s played in numerous bands throughout his drumming career and recorded at some of the best studios around Chicago. See a detailed list of bands below.

For lesson scheduling contact Mike at drumnmiker @ gmail dot com.

Follow the blog for drumming updates.  Live performances can be tracked via soundkick and current bands facebook pages.

Mike records with a red pacific dw 4 piece drumset, 21″, 14″, 12″. His preferred snare is a 13″ wood Pork Pie or a 14″ steel Pork Pie.  He breaks 1 zildjian 20″ and 1 18″ crash often.  He keeps rhythm with 14″ zildjian custom high hats.  He thumps with 1 dw 9000 bass pedal and breaks a lot of 5B natural sticks.  He plays out with the same cymbals but a 15 yr old black premier set.  His skins are typically evans genera 2’s and remo ambassador and emporer.  His bass drum is either the aquarius II or evans thudder.  It’s mostly aquarius as mike breaks the evans with packing it up so frequently. It sounds great.

Band History

Mine Collapse (2015 – present)

New Dougs (Kitties – 2017)

Marinoan (2014 – 2015)

arbogast (2008 – presentish)

Still Machine (2013 – 2014)

CaSK (2013)


Bar Show – traveling theater group

Major Briggs

The Brown Party

Open Heart Surgery

Retro Morning

DuPage County All-Stars

The Audio Projects

Dutch Oven

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